Sales.Rocks automates sales prospecting and outreach with advanced contact searches and verification, plus customizable email drip campaigns. More

Building up your sales network can get really repetitive and ineffective when you do it the old-fashioned way.

You’re painstakingly researching new leads and their contact details, only to struggle under the weight of composing outreach emails right after.

Ready for a tool that can automate the search process, find contacts, verify contact information, and create email campaigns?

Sales.Rocks makes searching for leads effortless with tons of filters and data points at your disposal.

Hone your search to find your target customer by selecting filters like country, region, and industry code, as well as company size, turnover, job titles, and even web technologies used.

Pick the companies or contacts that match your target from the generated preview lists to create your own custom lead groups.

The preview list lets you check the available company data and contacts, while assessing the confidence score of their email.

You’ve got a mountain of emails to sort through. Here’s where the email verifier comes in.

You can manually check emails or upload an entire email file for quick verification.


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