SAM is the first network-powered relationship and introduction management platform built on conversational AI. SAM unleashes the hidden power of your inbox. More

In the business world, knowing “a friend of a friend” is supposed to mean hanging out at the cool kids table.

But most professional networks are so impersonal that you may as well eat lunch alone at your desk (PB&J again…yippee).

We’d like you to meet a super-connector that helps you find warm intros and referrals from your network of contacts.

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SAM unleashes the hidden power of your inbox with next gen relationship management and outreach capabilities fully powered by people in your network.

The platform analyzes your email contacts, giving you access to all the deets, like who’s a parent, who loves travel, and who was this close to winning the 2014 March Madness bracket.

With SAM, you can seamlessly search based on title, industry, and other regularly refreshed affinity data — that way, you’ll know who you know better than ever.

Your SAM Network allows you to choose intro preferences and sort your contacts by relationship strength

SAM also helps you get introductions to new accounts, deals, candidates, and people you’d like to meet.

Faster than any other tool on the market, SAM will save you hours each month on data entry.

Signing up for a SAM account is as easy as 1-2-3, thanks to the simple 3-step wizard.

You can access your SAM network via mobile app, on iOS and Android devices!

Sure, we’re all six degrees of separation away from Beyoncé somehow, but most of us will never meet her (“Best Thing I Never Had” is right).

At least with SAM, you’re way ahead of the curve.

SAM gives you warm intros, so you can increase conversations and grow your close-knit, invite-only network.

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