It’s time to adapt the new passwordless way for quick customer onboarding and get additional device based security with SAWO More

SAWO provides a customer-centric, standardized, and device-based secure authentication solution for apps and websites to deliver a seamless user experience, by removing the need for login passwords and OTPs.

We envision to provide a safer and more secure solution for websites and apps to authenticate users without the need for passwords by using strong Public Key Cryptography-based standards and users’ devices.

The Product will be available on a pay-per-use API model. SAWO cuts the authentication cost to 1/4th of costs currently incurred, as compared to its competitors.

It ensures easy integration with every popular web, cloud, an on-premises application, VPN, remote access gateway, etc. It provides one-step authentication and makes it convenient for users, allowing multiple logins without the pain of passwords and OTPs.

It does not save any personal data that the user inputs. It is end-to end encrypted hence more trustworthy & secure.

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