SCCP is an all-in-one, must-have WP plugin, which, besides copy protection, comes with powerful tools such as IP address blocking, geo-blocking, password protection and more. More

Surely, the majority of us have searched ” how to protect website content ” at least one time while creating original content.

Luckily, there’s SCCP

SCCP is an all-in-one, must-have WP plugin, which besides copy protection, comes with powerful tools such as IP address blocking, geo-blocking, password protection, gated content | content locking, and Paypal as a paywall for your content.

WordPress is one of the popular content management systems, and it is crucial to have a tool like Secure Copy Content Protection (SCCP) plugin, which is aimed at protecting web content from being plagiarized.

As soon as the Copy Protection plugin is activated, it disables the right-click, copy-paste, content selection, image drag | drop | save, print, and dozens of more commands on your website thus providing content theft protection as well as preventing web scraping, which are very popular nowadays.

Besides all the abovementioned copy methods, the Content Protection plugin allows disabling inspect elements ( disable F12 shortcut ), hence hide page source code and provides a protected site, where no copyright infringement may occur.

By following a few easy steps, you can install this WP Content Protection plugin on your website. After activating the plugin you can be sure that your website is no more at the risk of plagiarism.

So WP Content Protection helps you to keep your website and web content exceptional and protect your intellectual property from being copied. No waste of time, no expenses, no trouble. No negative side effects on your SEO (search engines can read your content).

Secure Copy Content Protection plugin features

Disable right-click on the context menu

The extremely useful and at the same time absolutely simple applied disable right-click ( disable context menu ) functionality can be the best solution for you!

When implemented, visitors to your WordPress website will not be able to use the right click of the mouse so the context menu will not be called and can’t be triggered. This prevents them from selecting Copy, Paste ( disable cut copy paste in WordPress ), Print, Save images as, Copy Image ( disable right click on images ), Inspect, and many more commands.

Show Alert Message | Tooltip

Warn your WordPress website visitors to not plagiarize your content!

After enabling the option, the tooltip may be displayed when the user tries non-permitted actions in the copy protection enabled areas on the WordPress website. For instance: You cannot copy the content of this page.

The style of the alert message is fully customizable. You can build your preferred one, which will be perfectly fit your website design. By way of example: Tooltip position, background image, opacity, text color, border-radius, and dozens more. Moreover, you can choose during which non-permitted actions to show the alert message.

IP address blocking | IP blacklisting | Block IPs

Are you in search of a WordPress IP block plugin? You are in a right place!

Our plugin provides functionality to block requests for hosts with a certain IP address.

Besides entering an individual IP address, you can also write the first part of it( for example 88. or 88.259. ) and the content will be blocked for the users whose IP address starts with that given range.

When the website visitor with a blocked IP address visits the copy protection enabled areas on the website, the entire screen will be whitened and will be shown the notification message provided by you. For example: “You have been blocked by site administrator”.

IP address blocking is commonly used to protect against Bots, Comment spammers, and Hackers.

Geo-blocking | Block Country

Block the content of your website or some posts (pages) of it based on a user’s geographic location.

With the help of our content protector plugin, you can restrict your WordPress website access based on user location on earth.

The system detects the location based on the IP address. When the website visitor from the restricted country visits the website, the entire screen will be whitened and will be shown the notification message provided by you. For example: “Sorry, the content is not available due to your geographic area”.

Geo-blocking is used mainly because of governmental restrictions, price discrimination, and market segmentation.

Password protection | Page Blocker | Block Content

Protect certain posts (pages) on your website via a password.

There might be situations when you’d like to share the content of certain posts ( pages ) of your WordPress website with only several people.

Password protection can be used to restrict the access of the content because of paid privileges, private sales, and sensitive content.

Gated Content | Content Locking | Subscribe to view

Grow your email list and generate new leads with the help of this feature.

The super-effective strategy to implement for lead generation. Content locking allows you to block off part of the most in-demand contents ( articles ) of your WordPress website, and make it available to subscribers only.

By that, you are giving them an irresistible incentive to provide their email addresses and hence, boosting your email subscriber numbers by using the content you have already written.

Gated content | Content locking is commonly used by bloggers and publishers.

PayPal as a paywall for your content

Set up a paywall for your WordPress content in a few steps.

Basically, when the option is enabled, the system blocks the whole content or the selected part of it until a user pays.

You can connect your PayPal account to the plugin by just adding the Client ID of PayPal. Moreover, you can assign your preferred amount and corresponding currency as well.

The paywall is mainly implemented for revenue recurring, brand perception improvement, community building.

It’s your chance to protect your content with our Best Content Copy Protection plugin WordPress.