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Get more traffic, engagement and new clients for lifetime!

Isn’t it very stressful when you have to create a social media campaign for your next blog or even as an agency as it is an extremely time-consuming task?

Not anymore! Meet SendPilot, your AI-powered social media manager that saves you hundreds of hours of time.

Why? Because SendPilot is not just any Social Media Manager tool, it helps you solve your biggest problem – Writing the campaign posts!

They offer you that value – You don’t even have to write your posts manually anymore – SendPilot does it all for you.

So now, turn your blog articles into evergreen social media posts, curate high-quality content to share with your audience, boost social engagement and increase sales and conversions.

Quick features of SendPilot lifetime deal

  • Post Previews: You can preview it before publishing it as you own it.
  • Edit Posts: You can edit the post that we create anytime you want.
  • Select social media platforms: You choose on which platform do you want to publish the post.
  • You control the schedule: You can edit the posts before scheduling because you are in control of everything.

SendPilot allows you to turn your blog articles into 12-month social media evergreen campaigns in seconds! So now, never waste time writing marketing posts for your content, and never run out of traffic-generating content.

Content marketing is hard for agencies and startups.

Use SendPilot to take the strain away and write everything for you! Create your own custom templates, find trending #hashtags and tag influencers like a hero caped crusader should!

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SendPilot can be used by Content Marketers as Content marketing is hard for agencies and startups.

Use SendPilot to take the strain away and write everything for you as well a free up valuable time that can be used elsewhere!

… and even by Software-As-A-Service because SaaS founders shouldn't waste time promoting their content or site.

Let SendPilot put it on autopilot using AI.

SendPilot understands your content and writes promotional posts for you.   

Want to know what other superhero features SendPilot offers?

  • Simple Dashboard:
    After everything is scheduled, you can still view your posts in your post dashboard so you can see the scheduled date, social media accounts and post content.
  • Toggle On/Off Your Social Profiles: 
    We give you full control over where your posts go, so you can create different campaigns for different social media platforms. Or, if you have an agency use this to manage client accounts.
  • Brand Templates:
    Want to convey your slogan or brand voice in your posts? We now allow you to create an unlimited number of post templates which will be combined with the dynamic data (like titles or content) from your blog and then included in your campaigns!
  • Post Previews:
    When we have generated your awesome post campaign, we will present it to you before we schedule it, so you can either approve the posts or edit them with one click. SendPilot pulls in your blog's images so you always have proven extra engagement for your followers. You can cycle through them with one click, add from our image library or even upload something new!
  • Design your own social media graphic (or choose from hundreds of ready-made ones):
    You are in full control over how you want your social media graphic to be. You also have an option to choose from the already available ones as well.
  • Intuitive Interface:
    SendPilot is built for everyone, regardless of technical ability. All you have to do is copy and paste the web address of your blog article and click the blue button. Our AI superhero platform does the rest!
  • Trending Hashtags:
    Want to quickly boost the discoverability of your posts? With one click SendPilot finds the latest trending hashtags and lets you insert them directly into your posts quickly and easily – no need to do it yourself!
  • Edit Posts (If you want):
    We give you full control over the posts we create. If you want to reword something or add a video URL in, then just click ‘Edit Post' and with one click you can change whatever you like!
  • You Control The Schedule:
    By default, SendPilot schedules posts to drip feed over the year. However, we now give you full control over each post's schedule so you can quickly pick the date you want your post to go out – great for timing with events or narrowing your schedule window!
  • Image Library & Free Stock Photos:
    Every image you manually upload to SendPilot is saved in your image library, so you can quickly insert them in multiple posts in the future. We even give you a searchable library of thousands of stock photos you can quickly insert in your post if you haven't got an image you want to use. Search over 10,000 beautiful stock images to add directly into your posts.
  • RSS feed detection:
    We detect when you publish a new blog post and create a social media campaign for you, and let you know by email it's ready to review!

3 896 1542197197

SendPilot lets you upload any blog or content you have created for your business.

It then analyses your text and picks out key sentences to create a series of posts.

After you click the approve button, SendPilot then automatically schedules your posts using Buffer or Zapier! It fully automates your content marketing.

Not everybody uses or wants to use Buffer or Zapier, we understand this so we are adding native posting soon to be able to post directly from SendPilot!

You get so much more with SendPilot!

Easily Find Articles In Your Industry In Seconds, & Turn Them Into Influencer Posts –  No more searching the web for content.

Quickly find content and articles to share with your audience from top providers (like Forbes, BBC). It then creates 8 social media posts to automate your content marketing and pad out your social media feed, adding more value to your followers.

Turn your blog articles into social media posts, in 3 clicks – You get full control over the posts SendPilot writes so you can edit, add, your own or free, images or change the schedule.

Works With All Your Social Networks & Services – Connect to over 1000+ apps like Hootsuite, CoSchedule, Buffer or more!

Just automate it! Save time, money and effort with SendPilot.

Jump straight into SendPilot and get started.


Pros: Super Simple - just connect to Buffer and then paste the blog URL, it does the rest (unless you want to edit posts, which is still easy)

Cheap - 100x cheaper than hiring a virtual assistant to manage our social media

Always relevant and engaging to our audience as it uses our content

Cons: None so far - all looks really good.

Could add some more integrations to sync with some of the other managers

Reece L. - Founder


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