The new powerful standard in SEO monitoring, analytics, and automation. Track your SEO rankings, monitor your backlinks, automate reporting, and much more. More

Oh no. Your website is buried 5-pages below the top search results in Google.

To fix this, you’ve got to be a proper SEO expert, decode complicated keyword rank data, figure out your backlinks, and much more.

Or you could proactively find out what your site needs to climb the rankings.

Meet the new standard in SEO analytics, monitoring, and automation: SEOwl.

Find Out What Your Site Needs To Climb The Rankings By Putting SEO Monitoring On Autopilot

With SEOwl you can track your keyword rankings, automate your reporting, monitor your backlinks and much more.

It is everything you need to get your rankings up!

Automatically Track Keyword Performance With 100% Accuracy

Get a 100% accurate ranking position for every search keyword and context you add.

Desktop or mobile, GPS precision search location, Google language, track it all!

100% accuracy? Yes! SEOwl offers a SERP view option, meaning you can see the Google results page as our system saw it.

Be confident in your rankings and analyze what snippets and results are shown for your keyword.

Get Actionable Insights In Why Search Results Are Moving Up Or Down In The Ranking

Search results are moving. But do you know why? Check easily in the ‘SERP Diff’ feature if movements are due to your competitors playing with their title or from other factors and use this information to rank even higher.

See Accurate Historical SEO Keyword Performance Data & Real-Time Updates On Position Changes

Don’t lose track of how your keywords performed in the past. See the progress you made since the beginning, visually.

Get alerted daily, or even instantly, when one of your keywords enter or leave a given position range.

Sync Data With Google Search Console To Get Even More In-Depth Insights

Sync your data with your Google Search Console data and get the CTR, impressions and clicks of your keywords.

Manage And Monitor Backlinks At Ease

You work hard to build your backlinks. What if one of them gets removed or turned no-follow without you noticing?

SEOwl’s daily monitoring system alerts you instantly when something changes in your backlinks so that you can react quickly before losing your rankings.

Get advanced visuals to characterize your backlinks portfolio. Detect unnatural patterns and act before being penalized by Google.

Connect Your Search Keywords To The Revenue And ROI Generated

Since 2013, Google encrypts organic searches. Therefore in your Google Analytics, your organic keywords appear as “(not provided)”.

Yet using the SEOwl algorithm, the tool can estimate the number of conversions and revenue generated by your keywords.

Integrate With Google Analytics, Or Use The SEOwl Analytics Feature

Integrate Google Analytics with SEOwl and get a full overview of SEO performance, conversion rates, and ROI directly in SEOwl

Don’t want to use Google Analytics integration? You can also use the simple, privacy-friendly but powerful SEOwl Analytics.

Create Shareable Dashboards In Seconds

For every website you add, SEOwl creates a unique dashboard with all SEO metrics in one place.

You can share this dashboard with anyone you want with a unique shareable link that displays your analytics, keywords, backlinks in read-only.

This enables you to give access to your SEOwl data to a client or your team without having to create an account for everyone.