As an accurate Google rank checker, Serpple beautifies your dashboard with the right data. What’s up today? What’s on top today? and finally, our secret ingredient serpple score. More

Having scrutinized the entire SERP page our Serpple AI will notify you whenever it encounters the following things during your regular keyword search process.

  • Changes occur in your SLUG/URL.
  • Changes in Featured Snippets.
  • Changes in your SERP reviews (if any)
  • When Keywords cannibalization found

Serpple Score: It’s a score based on your keyword’s rankings and its search volume.

Keywords grouping: You can switch and view your keywords either as a list or as a grid based on tags, country, and devices.

Competitor conquesting: You will be notified when any of your competitors run a Google ads campaign for a given brand name of yours.

SERP Features: All the SERP features found will be there in the dashboard.

On-demand SERP Positions: This is a vital feature that allows you to know the present position of your keyword in selected countries based on your request.

Keyword details page: This page lets you look at the search volume history for the past 6 months so you could gain a clear idea of whether your keyword is trending or drowning.

Scheduling Reports: Finally! Your reports can be scheduled as per your preference and add 5 recipients.

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