Shoppr analyzes historical data from your E-commerce store and marketing channels and presents the results in an user friendly format. More

If you manage an Ecommerce store, you know how difficult it is to get accurate detailed analytics.

Just to run one store, you need 10s of other softwares to understand the complete metrics of your store like CRM, Sales, CPC, Subscribers etc.

This gets harder when your store grows and managing every metric separately in different tools is extremely tiring and time-consuming.

But with, you get access to 40+ metrics with detailed analytics in a single dashboard.

Shoppr – A Growth Centred Analytics Tool For Your E-Commerce Store!

Custom Analytics tailored to your Sales and Growth Targets 

Your store’s historical performance put in sync with your sales targets – better at helping you make data-driven, result-oriented decisions.

Reach the right people, Improve engagement rates 

Shoppr’s RFM(Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Logic segments your customers based on their purchasing and browsing patterns, helping you target them separately across integrated marketing channels like Email, Facebook and Google Ads.

Insight rich Dashboard for Marketing Campaigns powered by ML & AI tech

Find what’s working and what’s not, fine-tune and control your marketing spend using recommendations from Dataone’s Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Make Ad Spends work for you 

Track Ad Campaign performance across networks, improve ROI over time.

More data points, better clarity 

40 different metrics across Sales, Marketing and Product dashboards

Growth Inducing Insights 

Set goals that align with insights from your Marketing data & grow sustainably

Save time, get more done 

All your Marketing Channels integrated into one place – Shoppr’s your hub for all paid acquisition and marketing activities

Track trends and early signs 

Spot opportunities to capitalize on trends forming among your customers through analytics & insights for products, sales and customers – Or make your next strategic product or operational decision helping you save costs and sell more.

Retain More Customers by Retargeting

Use Shoppr’s RFM and target Ads on customers who’re likely to purchase again.

Get Visitor and User Stats 

Know how many visitors are there on your store and who were converted to Users. Know their activities and target them accordingly.

Sales and Order Analytics 

Know more about your Product performance and what sells the most along with the number of orders and sales stats.

With, you can understand more about your customers and their user experience with your store.

The detailed analytics helps you to customize your product USP based on their needs which also helps you boost your sales overall.