Get detailed analytics in a single dashboard powered by advanced machine learning and ai systems. More

If you run an e-commerce store, you know how difficult it is to get detailed and accurate reviews. Just to run a store, you need 10s of other software to understand your store’s complete metrics, such as CRM, Sales, CPC, Subscribers, etc.

This becomes more difficult when your store grows and managing each metric separately in different tools is extremely tiring and time-consuming.

But with, you get access to more than 40 metrics with detailed analysis on a single dashboard.

Introducing Shoppr!

  • Custom Analytics tailored to your Sales and Growth Targets;
  • Reach the right people, Improve engagement rates;
  • Insight rich Dashboard for Marketing Campaigns powered by ML & AI tech;
  • Make Ad Spends work for you;
  • More data points, better clarity;
  • Growth Inducing Insights;
  • Save time, get more done;
  • Track trends and early signs;
  • Retain More Customers.