Show by Animaker is a Video Marketing Software For Your Business Growth With Video Hosting & Analytics Inbuilt! More

With a high increase in video consumption, the fundamental shift in purchasing a product or booking a service after watching a video is on the rise too.

To leverage this, you need to get started with Video-First Marketing approach for your business.

VFM is all about creating relevant and personalized video content tailored for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Simply put, you’ll be helping them to understand their problems by providing the solution in an easily digestible content form that has the highest attention span.

Meet Show by Animaker 

A Video Marketing Software For Your Business Growth With Video Hosting & Analytics Inbuilt!

Video Hosting – Building growth-focused video infrastructure for the web. Host your video on the platform with 10X better technology.

Show’s video hosting comes fastest, highest quality playback with no ads or Video recommendations from competitors.

Video Player – High-Quality Video needs High-Quality Player. Show’s Video Player engineered the way to look great wherever you wish to put it. Website embed, email embed, Mobile embed, etc

High quality meets high bandwidth – Show’s Video infrastructure lets the video play from 480p to 8K, 2G to 5G.

Video Email – Run a Video-based email Campaign for the masses. Send Video drips, understand the customers and repeat.

Video Prospecting – Show is more than just a video hosting platform. Its accessible and powerful functionalities add steam to your virtual selling.

Go ahead, write video prospecting emails with confidence and charm your leads with visually engaging content.

Growth Tools – Right Video tools increase Views; Right Grow tools increase revenue. Show’s 10+ growth tools help to attract, engage and convert your viewers into paying customers.

Video Analytics – Show comes with a multi-level video analytics report. Easy reports for teams who want to get a quick overview of what’s happening. Also, an advanced analytics report to get a detailed view of what is happening in depth.

Video CMS – Uploading awesome videos delivers results when you have the best video CMS by your side.

Show equips you with the most powerful tools to manage your videos the way you’ve always wanted to.

Drive growth, frame by frame. Organize, secure, and share your videos with a great Video Infrastructure.

Ad-Free Video Hosting & Customization – Your Player, Your Brand & Your Rules. Set up the videos the way you want to. Customize your brand identity your way.

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