Sidekick provides a solution to users that allows them to reclaim their time by outsourcing their scheduling processes to an AI assistant. More

Going back and forth to schedule a meeting can take longer than the meeting itself. (“This 15-minute check-in will take no less than 25 messages and two months to schedule.”)

And while there are tons of calendar apps out there, most of them just let someone book a call using your scheduling link.

Get ready for Sidekick Ai

It is a smart scheduling tool that helps you save time by offering customized scheduling pages and automatic scheduling.

With Sidekick Ai, you can make scheduling quick and painless with multiple options to book your meetings.

Set up a custom scheduling page for personal use or invite your team to sync their calendars to Sidekick for group scheduling.

You can also create your scheduling page with custom availability, meeting type permissions, and unique preferences for complete control over how users schedule with you.

Finding a time to meet with prospective customers shouldn’t be the hardest part of your job. (“This is why I always did group projects on my own.”)

Sidekick Ai offers automated scheduling and a customizable scheduling page, so that you can focus on the meeting—not the logistics.

Make scheduling simple!

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