is a Tool For Remote Coding Assessments To Hire The Best Developers & a One-On-One Technical Interview Platform. More

Roughly 90% of applicants get rejected after the first round of screening; however, founders and recruiters waste good time interviewing and hiring candidates that do not meet the hiring bar.

Not automating skill-based talent assessment makes it harder to identify and focus on the right candidate set in a noisy hiring pipeline.

Meet Skillspace

Tools For Remote Coding Assessments To Hire The Best Developers & One-On-One Technical Interview Platform.

Get the powerful technical assessments platform to hire the best developers and data scientists and streamline your tech hiring via interviews with pair coding, video calling, whiteboarding, and much more in a lucid interface.

Coding Assessments –Β Auto evaluate code challenges in more than 40+ programming languages. Coding Assessments, Data Science Challenges, MCQs, and many more question formats to automate technical assessments for on-the-job skills.

Data Science Assessments –Β Auto evaluate through test data and receive submissions as Jupyter notebooks with a library of questions for easy test creation and apt assessments of candidates based on skills that matter.

Skillspace helps you conduct seamless interviews for your technology hiring goals with its unified interview platform that has video calling, whiteboard, pair programming, and much more in a lucid interface.

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