SMhack is a simple social media management tool where you can manage all your social channels in a single platform. More

Are you getting overwhelmed by the number of social channels and not able to manage your social presence effectively? Have you immersed in managing social media tasks? Do you need a tool to help you manage your social media marketing?

SMhack is a simple social media management tool where you can:

  • Publish: Schedule, queue, and publish content with ease.
  • Engage: Respond to incoming posts and boost brand loyalty.
  • Analytics: Gain deep insights to improve your social strategy.

It gives you deep insights into what’s working and what is not working. You can understand your audience’s behavior by posting consistently and see what sticks with your audience.

  1. Competitor Tracking: Monitor your competitor’s performance by analyzing their social profiles in-depth to learn their strategy.
  2. White-Label Reports: Create insightful reports you can call your own with custom branding.
  3. Task Management: Delegate tasks to your team members by using approval workflows that improve your team’s efficiency.
  4. 3rd Party Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with popular tools such as Google Analytics, Slack, and Bitly.
  5. Unlimited Users: SMhack is the only social media management tool without a per-user charge. You can add all your team members without any extra charge.
  6. Content Library: A comprehensive repository of all your social media posts. Republish, analyze, and strategize based on past insights.

If you are running an agency, you can add multiple clients as groups and manage all your clients in a single platform.