Social Testimony provides a solution for dynamically adding and updating testimony from your clients. With our solution you can build a testimonial page that allows you to add new testimonials as they come in. More

You know as an entrepreneur that your business is doing well through the testimonies that your clients post for you through emails, messages, or on social media websites.

To use these testimonies to further give a boost to your sales and increase your clientele, you want these testimonies to be displayed or posted on your website.

But, how do you do it efficiently, reliably, and rapidly?

Well, Social Testimony has the capability to achieve this for you in no time. It has all the answers to these anxious questions one may have.

Social Testimony provides a solution to dynamically add and update testimony from your clients.

A complete Testimony Solution

With our versatile customizable option at disposable, no coding is required. Just copy, paste, and you are ready to go.

Dashboard to manage all testimony

  • Cross testimony display for sites
  • Verify, publish or draft a testimony
  • Manage/update all testimony at one place

Customize look and feel

Start with our transparent glass testimony look, that fits any website and background seamlessly, or customize it right from your dashboard to suit your need, without a single line of code.

Import social posts directly

Got a nice tweet from your customer? Awesome! Import it directly into your dashboard with a direct link to tweet for building trust.

  • Trust-pilot reviews
  • Twitter tweets
  • Reddit comments / posts
  • Product Hunt comments

Seamless integration into website

Our social testimony displays blend directly into your website. Check the live example above.

It’s seamless A.I. automatically adjusts height, width and number of testimonials to display based on screen your website is browsed on, all by copying and pasted 2 lines of code.

Testimony Collection Page

Create a dedicated testimony collection page for your website. Including multiple collection pages for one testimony wall.

  • Complete color customization
  • Complete content customization
  • Thank you page with redirection option
  • Social media shoutout option

Ready to display testimonies?

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