SocialBu is an easy way to use Social Media Management and Automation Tool. Manage and automate your social media. More

As we all know, social media marketing evolved as the next big thing in the marketing world.

Politicians and celebrities use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn as a brand-building tool.

We often wonder how politicians, celebrities, big enterprises, and many more Professionals use social media platforms as a tool to expand and explore their business and bring their business to new heights.

They paid a huge amount to hire social media professionals. But we as small industry can’t spend too many bucks on social media marketing.

We need to use social media marketing tools in a smart manner…a low cost but highly effective tool and time-saving tools such as SocialBu to expand our business.

SocialBu is an easy way to use Social Media Management and Automation Tool

Manage and automate your social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

SocialBu is a social media management tool that offers post scheduling, responding to messages & comments, Social Listening, Automations – to make your social media presence more active and be efficient (fully dynamic automation rules) and Detailed Reports & Insights.

Publish and Schedule – Publish content to many social media accounts from one simple dashboard.

Respond – SocialBu allows you to see your followers’ messages, comments, tweets, and posts all in one place.

Collaborate – Have you ever faced trouble due to a lack of effective communication between your team members? This tool removes this problem by allowing entire teams to collaborate at the same time from different places.

Monitoring – You can check hashtags and keywords from Instagram and Twitter to listen to what people are saying about you and about your competitors.

Automate – Create full dynamic automation rules to cut tedious and repetitive tasks. Do specific “actions” when an “event” happens, triggering the certain“conditions”.

Analyze – SocialBu offers detailed insights and reporting for keeping track of your social media progress. Detailed analytics and data help you to make better decisions for your social media strategy.

SocialBu helps you manage and automate your social media!

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