Save time with automation while handling their complete social media management for their business, clients, and company. More

Your powerful social media management tool

Drive traffic to your website, increase engagement and save a lot of time with this tool.

Are you still stuck for hours thinking, planning and executing about your social media postings?

Wondering how can you make handling your social media management a lot easier than before?

Without a proper structure, your social media won’t drive a good amount of traffic to your website.

It might be lesser than you could even imagine.

But not to worry anymore, this amazing tool would let you easily schedule, structure and analyze your social media management.

PitchGround brings you SOCIALCHAMP.IO – a tool that will make you a Social Champ with a result-driven social way to drive traffic, increase engagement and save time on social media.

Social media marketing is all about sharing your content at the right time, and keeping your profiles alive and fresh!

Shuffling from social media posts to email marketing campaigns to blog posts and many more is a tough job for a marketer.

It gets tiresome to manage and organize everything separately.

With the evolving socials, 49% of the marketers have opted for social media automation tools to keep up with the online world!

Businesses have shifted their attention from conventional marketing to social marketing.

They have realized that 71% of potential consumers are online and they can not just be entertained with occasional deals and vouchers, but they can be influenced by proper marketing pitches!

SocialChamp is for everyone who loves to save time with automation while handling their complete social media management for their business, clients, and company.

And SocialChamp solves all your social media marketing problems.

Want to know what’s the best part of using this tool? 

  • Scheduling Option – You can schedule all of your posts very well in advance for all your clients.

  • Repeat Post – You also got an option to repeat a scheduled post anytime you want

  • Auto Post RSS Feed – This feature will make your social sharing a hassle-free process

  • Recycling Features – Dump all your content into a folder and schedule that completely as a campaign with a single click.

Achieve new goals of content marketing through your social media!

Organize the best of content on all platforms from one place!

    Create, schedule, and analyze posts for different Facebook pages and groups in a single tab.
    Add hashtags, images, GIFs, tag pages, and whatnot! Schedule posts when your audience is online and grow your audience.

    Schedule. Tweet. Repeat.

    Make your Twitter presence stronger. Let your followers know that you’re there. Scheduling tweets can be a lifesaver when your audience is active in different time zones. Grow your retweets, likes, and engagement.

    Repeat your evergreen pins, schedule pins on the best timing or directly share images on your Pinterest account through a chrome extension. Keep your Pinterest board active and creative.

    Let your business grow with content scheduling on LinkedIn profiles and company pages. Search, upload and schedule images, videos or text all in one window.
    Auto-post your favorite RSS Feeds to LinkedIn and know your most engaging post by keeping track through analytics.

    Strengthen your brand on Instagram with Social Champ. Schedule your visuals in advance.
    Measure your top-performing content. Collaborate with your team. Upload royalty-free images directly from the tool.

    Add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and post or schedule content on multiple social media at once. Automate your profiles to save time and be more productive.

You can now reply to your messages, comments and reviews of all major social media platforms from one place!

Be more efficient at communicating with your followers and customers!

Respond from one place, be the best at being interactive with your audience!