Spott allows you to create interactive content, publish it to different channels, and track its success along the way. More

Awesome content is an art form. But consistently producing engaging images and videos for a demanding audience is a tall order, and static content leads to static results.

Picture an easy way to create interactive content that makes your audience act instead of idly scrolling, boosting your sales and marketing efforts.

To get started, you can quickly upload your product images by connecting your product feed to your Spott account.

Get started by linking a product feed or creating a product manually

Your visitors need to click to engage with your content, so it’s no secret that interactive images are the key to turning visitors into customers.

Adding interactivity to your images and videos is as simple as drag-and-drop

Spott makes it simple to customize interactive elements, like buttons.

Select a style that fits your branding, click preview, and publish

Once you’ve created interactive images or video content, it’s time to reveal them with the world.

Publish and share interactive content across social channels with the click of a button

With all the different images, videos, channels, and products you have to keep track of, Spott’s Behavioral Insights tool makes it easy to see what’s actually working for your brand.

Get behavioral data on website visitors to see how your interactive content performs

Consumers expect content that makes their lives easier.

And what’s easier than guiding your audience through their exact next steps through interactive content?

Spott is a game-changer for marketers that want to take their sites to the next level by adding kick-ass interactive elements.