Stack is an Internet launchpad that increases the efficiency of working with the web, by allowing simultaneous use of multiple web-apps. More

The Product and the Company

We love connecting online and use various web applications on a daily basis both for working and having fun. And we see the ever-increasing complexity of the internet pushing this experience to a messy and annoying process. With Stack, We are making it easy, smooth and fun!

Already in use on every continent, except the very cold one, Stack is an Internet launchpad that increases the efficiency of working with the web for the average internet user by allowing simultaneous use of multiple web-apps within a neatly organized working environment.

Stack very rapidly turned into a very successful startup, with a big vision to revolutionize internet experience. And, yes, we are ambitious enough to proudly call it the first First Operating System for the internet.

Stack PRO

Seeing Stackers going PRO to support Stack and keep it up and running has been the most encouraging and motivating thing for us in these hard times. You trusted us and made us proud of having the most incredible community ever! To meet your expectations and make YOU proud – we are releasing some of the most anticipated features in the coming update of Stack PRO:

Chrome Extensions

Yes, Chrome extensions are coming to Stack. This has been the most anticipated but challenging feature since the beginning! And we will be adding them very soon, making your Stack experience even better.

Colorful themes

In Stack PRO we have Dark theme. Really? Is not Stack already dark? Yes, you are right. That feature in PRO does not add much value to Stack so we are make Stack more colorful.

Ad Shield

Hating the ads like we do? Very soon we will have you covered. Our built in Ad-blocker will also disable all data-trackers to protect your privacy and smoothen your experience.

Next level Spaces

Spaces have been helping you to separate your work and private life like nothing else. But it was still an MVP. With the coming releases, you will see how cool it can get!