Starfish Reviews makes review generation and marketing affordable to everyone! Just set up a funnel, then ask for feedback. More

Improve your overall rating, resell as a service to clients, and much more!

How Does it Work? Pretty Simply Actually…

Customize Your Funnel with the familiar WordPress interface! Install on your own WordPress website.

That means you control the data and is why Starfish is so much cheaper than alternatives.

Send Your Funnel URL to all your clients, followers, or customers. Using your email newsletter app, CRM, etc.

Funnel Encourages Positive Reviews by sending positive clients to give a review.

Watch the Reviews Roll in and your overall rating improve! It’s powerful, online marketing that improves SEO, reputation, and influences potential customers to buy from you instead of the competiton.

Here’s How Easy it Is to Setup

Check Out All the Premium Feature

  • Multiple Destinations per Funnel;
  • Customize Destination Buttons;
  • Multiple Feedback Button Options;
  • Auto-redirect Single Destinations;
  • Negative Feedback Emails;
  • Familiar WordPress Interface;
  • Amazing Support;
  • Vote For New Features;
  • Compliant with Google Reviews;
  • Analytics Overview & Filtering;
  • Logo/Product Image on Funnels;
  • Whitelabel Funnel Front-end;
  • Customize All Wording;
  • Hide/Require Feedback Fields;
  • Customize Permalinks.

But Wait!

There’s More Coming… Much More!

Import Reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor. Plus over 50 review platforms!

Display Reviews on WordPress with classy, modern, and customizeable design. Display imported, submitted, or manually entered reviews.

Advanced Reporting review alerts, advanced analytics, reporting, customization, and more! Tell us what you want.

Whitelabel the Webmaster plan will get full WP-admin whitelabeling, plus other integrations to make resale as a SaaS easier!