Get access to the world’s biggest encyclopedia of top 977 growth hacks today! Here’s a chapter summary of the content that’s contained in the book. More

Have you always wondered what some of the best growth hacks are to help grow your business? These are the best golden nuggets that took Aladdin Happy and the Startup Growth team over 3 years to collect and compile from across the internet.

Each hack is sourced from leading businesses or experts to bring you only the best proven hacks. Give this encyclopedia to each member of your team and see how your business skyrockets!

Introducing, The World’s Biggest Encyclopedia of Top 977 Growth Hacks

Easy to Follow Growth Hacks

Each growth hack either provides easy to follow descriptions and explanations to help you implement the hack yourself.

Wide Variety of Areas Covered

Topics include acquisition, activation, retention, referral, copywriting, psychology, sales/revenue, and much more!

Real Examples, Real Sources

Each hack provides examples and a link to the original case study or reference where the hack was found. No hiding our sources here.

977 Growth Hacks

Over 1063 pages of the best growth hacks around compiled by an expert Growth Hacker