Storefries is a social media management platform that allows small businesses, retailers and local brands to better manage their presence on various social channels. More

Are you struggling to get your location-based audience for your retail brands?

Do you know that posts on social media with a location tagged result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a location?

Why do you need to spend more budget and time on social media marketing when you can get the same features with lifetime access in Storefries?

Discover the local content relevant to your Brand, Schedule and Publish content to multiple social media accounts, engage more time with your Audience.

Storefries Scheduler allows you to design your Creative posts feed into the calendar accordingly to set the posts to publish early without any manual work.

  • Easy to plan and schedule multiple posts
  • The algorithm can curate your content
  • Variety of content for you to stay updated

Organize all your images and assets. All the images are customized in folders to make them more organized and easy to find. we also have a search option to find out the images which you need from the folders.

  • Store all the images to use in your account
  • Canva images can be imported from editor

Storefries assist you with getting what works for your business and give you remarkable ideas to enhance your social system.

  • Drive traffic, Track sales
  • Get powerful insights what your brand lacks
  • Increment your engagement rate.

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