You can Create your Stories in Seconds & Embed them Anywhere on your Website. You can plan & define the duration of how long your audience should be seeing your stories. More

Stories are the best way to not only your Social profiles grow (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) but also help you gain more Followers.

But, what about your Brand? What about the stories that require more attention disappearing in a day?

What if I tell you that you can use the stories on your website to convert your traffic to customers, and they can stay as long as you want?

You can use your Website Stories to announce your product updates, latest blog posts, best-selling products, flash sales, trending news, etc.

Engage your website visitors by showcasing your most recent work (or) best sellers, on your Homepage. You can create different stories for every page on your website.

Your stories are representing your Brand. You can customize your stories to match your Brand tone, from background, colors to animation.

And, you can define your Story Widget to be visible for the Mobile (or) Desktop traffic (or) Both

You need more & better ways to connect with your audience, to convert them. With Story Widget, you control what you want them to see, and take action.

Stories are not only meant for Social Media. Create them for your website(s) too.

It’s time to Tell Some Stories.