Stories are the first thing users see on Facebook & Instagram. Storymate will take your fans from simple followers to paying customers. More

Yesterday I made a bold claim; stating that Instagram and Facebook stories will be the most important marketing trend of 2019.

I thought I’d better back that up with some hard facts!

Here’s the thing – Facebook (who also owns Instagram) are the biggest social media company in the world and they want to keep it that way.

Facebook wants to retain their #1 position and they are deadly scared of younger people leaving them for new sites. That’s why the success of sites like Snapchat has forced them into action.

Facebook is now pushing stories hard on both FB itself and on Instagram.

It’s quite simple really… Stories are where you will find your customers in 2019 and if you look elsewhere you will likely come up empty-handed.

Not convinced yet? Let me grab the hard numbers!

  • More than 500 million people use Instagram daily
  • 80% of those are outside the U.S.
  • More than 2.27 Billion people use Facebook worldwide
  • 1.49 Billion of those Facebook users log on daily
  • 300 million of Instagram users look at stories daily
  • 10% of Facebook users look at stories daily
  • 15-25% of story views result in a click, this is miles better than anywhere else!

So, if many people are looking at Stories, you want to stand out, right?

Storymate helps you do just that!

Storymate is a tool that allows users to create extremely viral, professional-looking stories & post them within minutes.

The Best part is that Storymate takes away the big 5 problems users face which are:

  1. Wasting hours trying to create content
  2. Figure out how to get traffic to your offer again
  3. Pay $100-400+ per post to be video edited from scratch
  4. Wait days or even weeks to get your video content back & potentially hate it
  5. Need to figure out how to get your content from your computer to your story.

Oh yeah… and it’s super EASY to use!

There are 3 Quick Steps:

  1. Pick a Template…there are a bunch to choose from!
  2. Customize Your Story...add your own photos or choose from the Storymate library…and choose the music you like!
  3. Render and Post! Once your story looks good, you’ll sync to the Storymate Facebook-Approved Android & iPhone apps that instantly post to your FB & Insta Stories.

That’s it!

If you don’t use stories in your social media marketing you will quickly start looking stale and outdated. Even worse… you won’t be noticed at all and your business will go the way of the dodo.

The good news… Stories generate much better results than any other form of social media posting you are currently doing.

Stories are shown at the very top of both Facebook and Instagram’s mobile platforms, the place you want to be!

The even better news… Storymate has made creating extremely viral and professional stories as easy as 1..2..3!

Now you can finally take advantage of this new trend and cash in on it in 2019 and beyond.

All in all, Storymate is easy to use and it’s exciting to think of all the possibilities for this product.

Not only can you create impressive, pro-quality stories for your own sites; you can create stories for other local businesses and create a whole other revenue for yourself! (Yep, Agency Rights are included in the Lauch Special Pricing!)

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