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You want your live event to feel like a party, but it’s hard to connect with your audience when all you see are profile pics and random comments. (“Hello to you too, pikachu789.”)

And because “reading the room” involves literally reading the chat, you’re struggling to stay focused during your presentation.

If only there was an easy way for your audience to participate in live sessions—without ever leaving the hosting platform.

Dive into StreamAlive.

StreamAlive is an audience engagement platform that helps you plan, run, and analyze live events.

StreamAlive is packed with interactive features that boost audience engagement and allow you to visualize chat messages in real-time.

Because the AI-powered tool reads native live chats as they happen, you can tailor discussions based on audience behavior and interact more meaningfully.

You’ll be able to run polls, play games, show map locations, and detect the questions participants ask automatically.

Plus, this tool connects with live chats on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Zoom, Teams, and in-person events, so you can use it wherever you meet or stream.

Your audience shouldn’t feel like they’re screaming into a void when they’re trying to engage in your live chat. (“Maybe if I type in ALL CAPS they’ll finally notice me??”)

StreamAlive gives you access to tons of interactive tools, so you can boost audience engagement and take your live events to the next level.

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