SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that combines the most common business tools into a pre-integrated, white-label ready platform. More

Single-use tools are the individually wrapped plastic cutlery of the business world, except they come in tricky packaging you have to remember how to unwrap every time. (“My kingdom for a spork!”)

You’ve got a budding business to manage, and you don’t want to waste time wrestling with a mishmash of separate tools that aren’t designed to work together

Ready for a comprehensive platform that consolidates all the software you need to run your business?

Beeline for SuiteDash!

SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that combines business essentials into a pre-integrated, white-label ready platform.

SuiteDash lets you build fully customizable client portals for easy collaboration. It’s completely white-label friendly, so brand away.

Each client only has access to their specific information, and you can post files and documents for them to view or download.

Adding contacts to the portal can be done manually or with a bulk import, as well as an embedded form to draw in new leads.

The Client Circles feature allows you to auto-assign permissions to any file or page, so only clients in a certain predetermined group will have access.

Customize client portals and add your own branding with white-labeling

Project management features include task/phase templates and both recurring and scheduled project auto-generation.

The included template library gets you started by loading pre-built and pre-formatted assets designed to get you moving quickly.

Your files are also organized in an insulated structure, meaning you won’t be crawling around a huge folder for a missing image like Velma looking for her glasses.

Easily browse, select, and add templates to your account

Dynamic dashboards and data placeholders let you tailor the client experience to your mutual goals.

You can use the same dashboard setup for as many clients as you like, and the information will adapt to show each client their unique data.

And, for that personal touch, you can use dynamic charts with custom dashboards to graphically display where all clients are in your funnel.

Create dynamic dashboards to customize the experience to your client

File management with SuiteDash is a cakewalk.

Each client gets a dedicated sharing folder, and you can quickly organize everything in sub-folders.

Clients are notified when you share a file or folder, and entire folders can be downloaded as ZIP files.

And the Private Project Files feature lets you store files in a project location the client can’t see.

Notifications let you know when files are shared and provide real-time updates for your project

SuiteDash lets you take command of CRM with powerful onboarding options, and the Deal Stage Pipeline powers up your sales funnel with built-in automation & reporting.

Use the Proposals feature to outline your client’s projects, set a price, and send for eSigning. After approval, the invoice and any additional documents are auto-generated.

You can also send out estimates and invoices directly from your portal to streamline billing.

Of all the things you could learn, single-feature programs definitely shouldn’t take up space in your head. (Those spots are reserved for dinosaur facts and Harry Potter trivia, and that’s okay.)

Save yourself money, time, and energy by knocking out all of your business needs with one platform that does it all.

Whether it’s CRM, client portals, file sharing, invoicing, or project management, SuiteDash is fully stacked.

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