SuperOkay is a platform that allows you to create, customize and manage client portals. This can be used for collaboration, communication or sharing project-related links and assets with your clients. More

The only thing that requires more back-and-forth than onboarding clients is a U.S. Open match. (“Channeling my inner Serena for this contract negotiation thread.”)

Even after you clear up all the details and misunderstandings, you still have to keep track of emails, assets, and documents.

The best solution would be an easy-to-use dashboard where you and your client could have all the project information, apps, files, and assets in one place.

This is SuperOkay

It is a platform that offers customizable client portals to share project links, assets, connected apps, and more with your stakeholders.

SuperOkay offers freelancers, agencies, and service providers a new way to visualize projects in a clean dashboard with an accompanying client portal.

You can quickly organize everything from useful links to project briefs and estimates.

In addition to communicating with clients via documents and comments, you can also assign each other action items with specific deadlines.

Action items can refer to a section of a document—encouraging clients to sign in all the right spots—or they can stand alone on the action items board.

Client communication is hard enough without having to constantly follow-up and worry about how many exclamation points are too many in one email. (“But I really do hope to hear back soon!!”)

SuperOkay gives you clean, customizable portals to effortlessly share all the project files, assets, and tasks with your clients.

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