Support Genix is a low-cost, easy-to-use customer support ticket management plugin for WordPress. More

We believe that customer support is essential for any business. We set out to create a low-cost WordPress ticketing solution that’s accessible to small businesses.

We decided to design a ticket system plugin with all essential functionality and make it available at an inexpensive price with Support Genix

Manage unlimited inboxes, tickets, users, and agents

Transfer ticket: Transfer your ticket to another agent or department easily.

Email piping: Offers email piping, which imports emails for an email address into the support ticket system.

Saved replies: A plugin that allows agents to save common responses.

File upload type setting: Ensure that your system remains secure by allowing customers to upload files.

Email notification: Choose to receive an email notification when a ticket is created, responded to, or closed.

Envato integration: Validate client purchase codes and ensure that only authorized users have access to your services.

Webhook integration: Based on different events, like ticket creation or closure, Support Genix can send notifications to the CRM or other tools.

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