Learn what your website visitors want, need, and expect. Survey Maker allows you to create simple online surveys, learn more about your target audience, and be one step ahead. More

The Survey Maker plugin allows you to create amazing online surveys and get real-time feedback quickly and easily.

The plugin has a responsive design and intuitive interface. It will perfectly and smoothly fit on all screen sizes.

Learn what your website visitors want, need, and expect. Create simple online surveys, learn more about your target audience, and be one step ahead.

This must-have tool can be used by the HR department, Marketing team, Project Managers, Brand Managers, Lead team, and other business agents.

You can create customer satisfaction surveys, event planning questionnaires, employee engagement forms, conduct market research and concept testing, make opinion polls, and so on.

With the Survey Maker plugin, the survey-creating process becomes fun and enjoyable.

Amazing user journey via Logic Jump (Skip Logic / Branching)

Give a personalized experience to your form takers. This skip logic functionality lets you ask the right questions and skip the unnecessary ones after answering the current question.

As a result, your surveys seem more like live conversations with the participants.

Personalized Result for each survey taker (Conditional Results)

Advance your surveys to a higher level with Conditional Result functionality! Get to know your customers more closely and give them a specific answer or feedback regarding their answers.

Create different paths in your survey and let each of them have a unique result.

This functionality works best for selling products, targeting a specific group of people to a certain action, giving personalized results, and so much more.

Chat surveys to earn your customers’ trust (Conversational Survey)

Build natural conversations with your customers by making chat surveys. This kind of surveys look like an actual live conversation and are every customer’s favorite!

This method will not only make your users feel special, but also will spice up your website and give new colors to it.

Paid Surveys

This plugin gives you the opportunity to sell your surveys and earn money with them. No special skills or effort is needed!

With the help of PayPal and Stripe integrations, you can choose the most preferred payment method for you from these two and make your surveys paid for your visitors.

Generate leads super easily

This WordPress survey form plugin lets you ask for the names and email addresses of your participants. Then, it automatically adds them to your integrated software.

Moreover, you can activate Redirection after submissions functionality and redirect them to your preferred webpage. This way will bring more traffic to that page and increase its conversation rate.

Get valuable feedback

Discover exactly why you’re losing customers. Create a survey, type in the right questions, make it public, and wait for it! Getting valuable feedback has never been this much easier.

Anonymous survey

To have much better and accurate results, make anonymous surveys. Keep your audience identities private, and they will give you more honest feedback.

Target the right audience

Purposes can vary; manage events & projects, get feedback, conduct research, engage the audience, etc. In each case, you must target the right group to achieve your needs effectively.

Survey Maker has a separate tab called Limitations Users intended to manage who can access your survey and take it.

Customized thank you message

Make your form responders feel special! Express your gratefulness for their participation and value them.

Clean and detailed reports, quick insights

Have you already collected enough data? Then, it’s time to conduct an optimal analysis. Our graphs and charts will help you to make the right decision and actionable insights.

You will no longer be afraid of lots of data. The Summary page shows the count or percentage of each answer selected for each question.

Popup survey

Create a popup survey within a few minutes without any additional plugin! No tech skills are required.

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