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In this smartphone era, most of the people love to spend their time on a mobile platform, whether it’s shopping, entertainment, bill payment, or social media.

But what if you could increase your, or your client’s, conversion, return customer and retention rates, as well as engagement, without the need to add anything to your website?

Apart from that various popular brands such as Airbnb, Zillow, Dropbox, Google Docs, Starbucks, etc. have initially released a website and then launched their mobile application.

Why these firms have followed this approach?

Because the statistics reveal that mobile apps are used more as compared to web apps.

Are you still confused about whether you want to convert your website to an app or not?

Then, here we will provide a list of essential reasons for the same.

  • Smartphones are present as well as the future of technology.
  • Reliability across multiple screen sizes.
  • An App puts your website in front of potential and current users.
  • Mobile Apps provide extended functionality.
  • An App sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Offline Capabilities.
  • Quick Navigation.

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