Switchboard is a tool that allows you to easily livestream to multiple social media channels at once, plus tap into your network for maximum views. More

Choosing the right livestream platform can be as painful as having to pick between that maple bacon donut or your “clean eating” kick. (Washing my hands before grabbing the donut = clean eating.)

You have your encoder and your production studio, and it’s a given that you’re going to multistream to your own social media channels.

If only you could get the maximum views you deserve by leveraging your friends’ or network’s social media platforms.

Have a seat at Switchboard.

Switchboard is compatible with both native and non-native real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) destinations for maximum reach.

You’ll get integrations with over 10+ encoders and 30+ destinations to make sure you’re not missing any portion of your audience.

With Switchboard’s ability to support multiple input encoders, it’s simple to manage and stream multiple events at the same time.

Imagine being able to oversee a fireside chat, town hall, and product launch, all from the same app.

Get your content out to all of your followers on their preferred platform with simultaneous streaming that’s a breeze to set up.