Tabs to Links collects all your opened tabs and saves them to a text file. All that happens using native OS X processes with no need of internet connection. More

Let it make your browser* faster!

Tabs to Links is a simple utility app for Mac OS X that does one thing and one thing only – it collects all the links from opened tabs and saves them to a text file in your Documents folder.

It does so using native OS X processes, without any need for an internet connection.

Make a list of links from open tabs in Safari, instantly. Take your browser window of research straight into an email to send to a friend, create footnotes for a paper, or drop links into the show notes for your podcast.

Share Safari tabs as links in one click.

Your Safari tabs and windows appear in the Tabs to Links panel. Press Share Links to export your tabs as a list of links to Mail, Notes, Reminders and other apps.

Use Copy Links to Clipboard and the links are ready to paste into any app on your Mac. You don’t even have to move the mouse. Just hit ⌘C.

Copy as bulleted rich text links, plain text or generate Markdown list syntax.

Set your Mac’s RAM free and enjoy the speed now.

Get access to Tabs to Links now!

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