Don’t keep 100 tabs open in your browser, save and close all those tabs with TabsFolders Drag and Drop features. Your computer will also run a lot faster now. More

We all remember our old days when we feel difficult to manage our Tabs in the proper place.

TabsFolders is the way to go if you want to properly manage your tabs in one place.

As, technology has made everything more exciting, fast, and efficient!

So, Speed up your computer and get more organized with TabsFolders.

Meet TabsFolders

Don’t keep 100 tabs open in your browser, save and close all those tabs with TabsFolders Drag and Drop features.

Your computer will also run a lot faster now.

As soon as you add the extension to your browser, you’re on your way to peak internet efficiency.

Tab and Folder Organization

  • Save all tabs with one click.
  • Drag and Drop folders.
  • Copy, move and rename tabs.

Session Management

  • -Drag and Drop Tabs from your current windows to Saved Folders.

Sharing with your Team

  • Click to share a folder, share on Facebook, e-mail, Twitter.
  • Then work on shared folders automatically.

Work 10X faster with TabsFolders

  • Save and organize 100,000 bookmarks in minutes, rather than hours with other systems.
  • Tab and folder organization with drag and drop
  • Bookmark access on all devices
  • Synchronize between home and work
  • Fast interface
  • Full Backup in the Cloud
  • Bookmark sharing with friends and colleagues