Tada is a Shopify app that helps you create and execute effective email signup popups and gamified popups on Shopify to boost subscribers and conversions in minutes. More

Year after year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for online business owners to capture visitors’ attention and build their email list.

The future is Tada, which uses gamification marketing and analyzes consumer buying behaviors to come up with personalized coupon games that connect with your customers and allow them to enjoy a fun and engaging way to sign up and get rewarded.

Choose between pre-set themes or customize your own, since Tada gives you full control of what your pop-up looks like and where, how, and how often your visitors play Tada popups.

Set countdown timers, automatic unique coupon codes, and coupon expirations to get the most out of your results.

Track your performance and analyze subscribers, revenue, click-through-rate and more with their data analytics suite.

You can also integrate the app seamlessly with Mailchimp and Klaviyo, boosting your outreach and retention capabilities.

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