This is a platform with a number of functions that help improve your visitor’s experience and allow you to convert more visitors into customers. More

Customer Service is essential for any business marketer and doing it using the right method is crucial.

Good customer service results in loyal customers, recurring customers. higher conversions, lower churn rate, and also increases the goodwill of the brand.

People are willing to invest in businesses that thrive to provide high-quality customer services.

But this seems difficult when there are too much coding and other technical developments involved and you are forced to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars to set up your customer experience setup rather than focusing on its creative implementation.

Taglayer – Customer Experience Builder made for Marketers without any Coding involved.

Show the right content at the right time in the right channel and turn visitors into loyal customers.

Understand your Visitor’s Behavior

Get to know your audience by keeping track of their activities across different channels.

Find out in what phase of the customer journey your visitors will convert or churn and act upon the data.

  • Individual insights
  • Track actions
  • Predict behavior


Always wanted to know what the interests of your visitors are? Where they come from? When they will convert or churn?

With analytics, you can measure everything you need to know about your visitors.

  • Interests
  • Conversion / Churn predictions
  • Demographics

Visitor CRM

Find out what the interests are of every individual visitor. In our visitor dashboard, you can see an individual product or content recommendations for every visitor.

This makes it easy to contact them in a more personal way.

  • Individual recommendations
  • Interests
  • Activity overview


Measure every action, mouse-over, or submit.

  • Funnels
  • Conversion tracking
  • No-code installation

Automate experiences that Convert

Use the data gathered from insights to personalize the experience of your visitors using our no-code visual editor.

Personalize texts, images, pop-ups, and add elements to your website.

Recommend relevant products or content based on AI algorithms.


Show relevant products or content based on the visitor’s behavior. Insert recommendation boxes across your entire website.

  • Automated scraping
  • Various algorithms
  • Adaptive styling


Add personalized pop-ups, images, texts, banners, forms… onto your website.

  • No-code editor
  • 1:1 personalization
  • Pop-ups

A/B testing 

You can create A/B tests in our editor and measure the results on our dashboard before implementing the changes.

  • URL split test
  • Measure your results
  • Implement winning variation

Personalized email

When you know how people are interacting with your website, you can send them messages that are more relevant to their needs.

  • Create converting email
  • Automate your flow
  • Analyse campaigns

Taglayer can be used anywhere and everywhere.

As long as you thrive for good customer service and experience, this software is just made for you to help you solve this problem without having to code anything.