Tagmate saves development time and improves first party data quality by automating the setup of analytics & marketing tags on your website with 24/7 monitoring. More

Manually Tagging and Tracking Websites is Painful and Expensive.

Website tag management is complex, expensive, and often requires tech specialists to configure it.

Website owners and marketing agencies often spend long and expensive cycles manually tagging their websites and campaigns to get a complete website traffic overview.

Luckily, there’s Tagmate

It helps you automate the implementation of tracking tags (code) on your website.

It eliminates the hassle and expense of manual tagging while allowing marketing agencies to create and manage campaigns much more efficiently.

Tagmate can help you save up to 82% of your development time when implementing tracking tags.

The no-code solution will give you complete control over your tag management without needing any developer.

Goodbye Universal Analytics

As Google has announced, Universal Analytics will stop working from July 2023.

Your Google Universal Analytics will stop working by July 1, 2023, as per Google (You can google to validate this).

Google has launched Google Analytics 4, and everyone must switch to the newer version. Google has offered up to 12-14 months for every company to make that migration. 

It will cost you $2k to $15k+ to hire a developer or an agency to migrate your tracking setup from UA to GA4.

That’s where Tagmate comes to the rescue… (like a Captain America)

If you have an existing Universal Analytics setup and want to migrate to GA4, Tagmate’s GA4 migration module is for you.

Not only that, Tagmate will ensure that your migration is implemented with speed and accuracy.

GA4 Implementation

Implementing tracking can become a hassle if you’re a non-tech marketer or product manager.

That’s where Tagmate’s GA4 Implementation module comes in and makes the process dead simple. Simply select the templates relevant to your business, and you’re done!

Google & Facebook Marketing Pixel

Your Google & Facebook Ads account has been configured. However, to measure how your ads perform, you need to configure your site’s Google and Facebook ads pixels.

This process can take weeks to complete and sometimes even months to set up correctly. And after so long, the chances are that you record incorrect data if the implementation is incorrect.

Tagmate’s Google & Facebook Ads Marketing Pixels module simplifies the entire process with just a few clicks.

It will create a fully functional conversion and re-marketing pixel set up for you in just minutes.

Tagmate’s Tracker for GA/GA4 Events

Tracking user interactions on your website made easy…

Tagmate Tracker Chrome extension is the shortest, fastest way to track user interactions on your website with 100% accuracy. Zero code required.

  • Implementing Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 on custom events becomes easier, faster, and more accurate with the Tagmate Chrome Extension.
  • Once you install the extension, you can simply open the website, point to the event trigger you want to track and push to GTM from the extension.
  • Tagmate Tracker works seamlessly across all platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Custom JS, etc. All you need to do is connect your GA & GTM and you’re done.

Automate Analytics & Marketing Tags On Your Website!

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