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TagOn lets you attach any embed scripts that you use on your website to the links you share, letting you add your own live chat, opt-in forms, videos in just a few clicks.

Plug it into to TagOn to add your scripts, and share it online!

Easily shorten your links & add custom scripts to interact w/ your audience.

Build custom retargeting audiences by adding retargeting pixels & tracking codes.

Drive traffic back to your site by adding call-to-actions on the links you share.

Automatically create TagOn-powered links from any RSS feed.

Use your own domains for your shortened links.

Use TagOn with any embeddable scripts from your existing tools.

Create links w/ zero TagOn branding.

Seamlessly organize your links w/ tags.

Easily customize your link's meta title, description & image for sharing on social media.

View traffic stats for total clicks, unique visitors, mobile traffic & more on your CTAs.

Awesome SaaS


Pros: Every day it's improving with new features coming out.

The devs broke new ground with some of their features for a URL shortener and continue to do so.

I love this software and it's one of my favorites.

Cons: No chrome plugin. Also needs better analytics such as referrers.

Overall: The beginning was a little rocky but now it's much better.

From the stability to the features it's become a rock solid SaaS.

Customer support is top notch!

Jeff B. - Maintenance Technician II

TagOn is Awesome!


Pros: TagOn really separates itself from any other competitor making itself very unique.

Allowing custom scripts to be added to the links you can share means I can add live chat or a callback widget from BounceHelp in the link to engage my target audience more effectively.

Cons: No cons so far, the software has been amazing with a great supportive team behind it.

Overall: TagOn has really changed how I am able to engage with my target audience.

Before all I could do was share a link and add a retargeting pixel, now I can do that PLUS add any custom script I want to engage my audience just as if they were on my own website or landing page!

Aaron M. - Co-Founder & Business Development SalesRep.ai


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