If you are tired of missing good trades because you don’t look at your phone 24/7 use our software to connect your signal providers Telegram group with your MT4/MT5 trading account. More

Are you tired of having to follow the market 24/7 to make some profits? Of missing some trading opportunities or signals from your favorite trader because you were not able to trade?

Telegram connector is designed to solve these issues by automating the trading experience for new as well as experienced traders.

This allows you to save time while at the same time reducing your risk and maximizing your profits.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling, sleeping, working or simply enjoying time with your family and friends, always know that Telegram connector performs the trades for you.

Automated trading

TelegramConnector does all the work for you and executes signals from all your providers

Money Management

Manage your saving by setting unique lot sizes on signals or use a certain percentage of your balance

All asset classes

The software can trade FX, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies

Infinite Strategies

Build your own and unique strategy for each signal provider or asset

Risk Management

Feel confident by setting your own risk settings: TP & SL, Trailing SL and much more

Best Support

Reach out to our team at any time to answer your questions and support you

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