71% of the B2B buyers in the awareness stage and 77% in the evaluation stage claimed that testimonials were the most effective type of content in influencing their buying decision. More

Sharp customer testimonials add the cutting edge to your sales effort.

Customer Testimonials

Video Testimonials from customers is the most effective tool for sales. Collect Video, Audio and Text testimonials easily and use them anywhere.

Customer Reviews

It is known that customers look for peer reviews all the time.

With the rise of sites like G2, Yelp, Trip Advisor etc. Video reviews in such cases make all the difference.

Customer Case Studies

Short use case studies make compelling stand-alone sales collaterals.

Collect Video Case studies with guided questions from customers.

Collect inputs from multiple team members and put together a captivating story for prospects.

Employee Testimonials

Employee testimonials help attract great talent to your company.

Use Testimonial to collect Employee stories from your star team members.

Expert Videos

As you engage thought leaders with your Brand use Testimonials to collect thought level endorsements and ideas to share with your audience.

This helps you build a content library for your brand. Helps your content to become findable.

How does it work?

Send Request

Write a suggested script and send a request to your Customer. Add a customized Thank You note.

Customer Records and Uploads

The Customer gets the link by mail. They can edit or rewrite the script to their satisfaction. Records a crisp video in the browser using a built-in tale-prompter.

Not ready for Video? Customers can opt for Audio or even Text – with the option to attach photos – to the endorsement.

Testimonial in your account

The testimonial reaches your Testimonial account.

You get a notification once you receive response to your requests.
That’s it!