With 100 built-in custom solutions, Textsoap removes unwanted characters, improper capitalization & other minor errors from your documents. More

You often work with text from different sources, using a wide variety of text formatting techniques that aren’t quite what you need.

TextSoap removes unwanted text, and fixes-up carriage returns, tabs, and any other text-based formatting you might come across.

If you work with rich text, you can manipulate text based on its format or format text based on the text.

In addition to over 100 built-in cleaners, Textsoap also lets users design custom solutions to their own text-cleanup challenges.

Whether you’re dealing with a few stray quotation marks or 300 pages of typos, there isn’t a mess it can’t handle.

Dark Mode Support – Redesigned from top to bottom to look truly great in dark mode

Apple Silicon Support – Juice up your text cleaning on Apple’s latest Mac hardware

Single Window Interface – Combined the multiple windows for editing custom cleaners, custom groups, importing & exporting into a single integrated experience

For Each Line Action – Each line is treated as its own text, further simplifying your text processing

Sort Lines Action – Match case, skip whitespace, sort numbers as values & use a regular expression with a result template to sort your lines like never before

List-Related Actions

  • Use a table of data to repeat an action for each row
  • Define a List with your data]
  • Process a List, iterating through each row & using that data when applying various actions

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