The three SaaS tools that best complement each other, to help you increase your sales quicker, reduce your operating costs and increase profit margins for your business. More

Every day, technological advances reshape our lives.

As a result, the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs is adapting to both the subtle and cataclysmic changes that are constantly taking place in any marketplace. Holding back on innovation or development will lead any business nowhere, and fast.

Market sentiment is always changing, and so do your brand’s needs. It provides several solutions to your company’s dynamic challenges.

We have chosen three SaaS tools that best complement each other, to help you increase your sales quicker, reduce your operating costs and increase profit margins for your business.

Automation of slow business processes is the future of scale, and scale potential is what this combination of tools provides.

Presenting Nexweave, KonnectzIT and Botbaba — with these three tools operating in tandem, we are sure marketing will be a breeze.

Nexweave enables creators and marketers to transform their media assets into hyper-personalized images, gifs and interactive videos that help improve response rates and conversions.

Botbaba is a flow-based Chatbot platform that lets you create your first chatbot in less than 10 mins.

KonnectzIT is a drag and drop automation platform that will let you connect and ignite the workflow automation in minutes using virtual builder.

A bundle that empowers businesses’ ability to do more, while saving more.


Videos and images are a powerful medium to initiate engagements.

Whether you’re trying to grab the attention of your prospects through a cold outreach campaign or you’re trying to engage your blog visitors, Nexweave can help you serve hyper-personalized images that can get you improve your campaign performance.

And we’re not just talking about images … This can be done with videos too!

Nexweave brings together the power of content personalization and interactivity to turn your data and content into a Nexweave experience.

With Nexweave, organizations can create millions of 1:1 personalized & interactive experiences for a variety of use cases such as customer acquisition, upselling, remarketing, employee training and so much more.


Embracing marketing automation is always a good idea! KonnectzIT is an easy automation platform to automate your most tedious IT tasks.

If you are a marketer and you do not want to lessen your productivity because of manual repetitive tasks, choosing the best automation platform is crucial. That’s where KonnectzIT comes in! With KonnectzIT, having your day devoured by simple but time-consuming tasks is not an option anymore.

KonnectzIT’s vision is “TO KEEP IT SIMPLE”, thus, to get started, just follow these 3 simple steps: Select, Configure and Automate. 

With Webhooks and API Apps Integrations, it is now easier to connect your favorite apps and sync data from in and out of KonnectzITs library.

Imagine having all the Apps you need to automate your workplace, in just ONE PLATFORM? It’s possible with KonnectzIT, with more than 300 apps to keep your workflow humming.


Nowadays, businesses are relying on chatbots to solve the queries and problems of the customers. Chatbots make it easier to address generic queries that can be simple but kills productivity.

With Botbaba, you can increase your sales and at the same time, have great customer satisfaction.

It is packed with 15-ready-to-use e-commerce features, designing and personalizing your bot without sounding like a robot is easy with Botbaba.