Timelinr is a design first, tech first product built on a strong foundation of the latest technologies. More

Enjoy the benefits of Timelinr

A project planning app called Timelinr ensures your team and stakeholders and can organize high-level road maps in no time.

It enables you to stay in the race for every step of the way whether you are distributing new launch product news or getting it out of the coworkers.

But a lot will happen when you have a clear cut idea of what to do with the project.

It presents a specific look and keeps you in control with the responsibilities and task at both best granular and high levels.

Principal characteristics

Timelinr is the best and unique tool which can improvise a timeline which plans your resources and projects tasks.

  • With roadmap and sprint planning tools you will get the best of both worlds.
  • Keep going on off which can change you to ensure and make things.
  • It can save the environment.
  • It can ditch the paper list.
  • Enjoy yourself with sharing, collab, and timelines.

It is designed as the first technology product laid on a strong base among all the latest technologies.

When you use a Timelinr it would be very beneficial as it notices the extraordinary smart craftsmanship.