Timmy the TimeBot is a Slack bot that helps teams manage their time logs and view useful insights to utilize their time more effectively. More

Most professionals today need to log their time daily and managers need to keep track of their progress.

This can be an annoying and cumbersome task for most people.

Timmy the TimeBot is a Slack bot that helps teams manage their time logs and view useful insights to utilize their time more effectively.

A friendly Slack bot that helps you manage your timesheets

Managers can add people to multiple projects so time tracking can be done on a per-project basis.

This ensures they can keep track of their teams’ progress on each project and manage time in a more effective manner using the dashboard.

Timmy allows users to easily log their time without ever leaving Slack.

Logging is as easy as just telling Timmy what you did on a particular day and how many hours you worked.

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