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Last update 1 year ago

Adlock blocks pop-ups and banners

About AdLock

Please welcome AdLock, the best-of-breed adblocker on the market!

It is a next-generation adblocking software celebrated for its robust functionality, and simple and convenient, yet flavorful user interface.

Being built to work systemwide, it makes browsers, apps, games, and instant messages utterly free of commercials that bane your internet leisure.

Say goodbye to banners, pop-ups, video or audio adverts, and undesired redirects — This app gives them no chance.

On top of the latter, It removes all forms of online tracking scripts and has an abundant filter list that is constantly updated and extended.

Try out AdLock and you’ll get hooked on its power and efficiency!

  • Say goodbye to commercials in all forms once & for all
  • Secure sensitive data from online trackers, scammers, & cyber crooks
  • Protect your device from malicious attacks & suspicious requests
  • Speed uploading & save on traffic consumption


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