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Use this AI to search, summarize, and translate research

About Afforai

Trying to find reliable sources can feel like a weird side quest on your journey to mastering a new topic. (“Oh no, I’m sinking into a Reddit rabbit hole.”)

With so much information available out there, it’s nearly impossible to research anything without running into iffy sources.

What if you had an AI research assistant that could analyze hundreds of documents and URLs to provide accurate answers?

Introducing Afforai.

It is an AI chatbot that searches summarizes, and translates info from multiple sources to produce trustworthy research.

Use this AI research assistant to search, summarize, and translate your research

Thanks to the proprietary algorithm combined with Azure’s OpenAI, Afforai can scrape info from hundreds of sources without breaking a sweat!

Use hundreds of documents and URLs to train your chatbot on any topic, making it a subject matter expert in a few minutes.

You can upload multiple document types, including PDFs, Word documents, and even PowerPoint presentations.

This platform can also analyze dense texts like undergrad and postgrad textbooks, in-depth research journals, and more.

Get lifetime access to Afforai!

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