AGI Mind X

Last update 7 months ago

The ultimate AI app for advanced workflows on Windows and Mac

About AGI Mind X

AGI mind X prompts itself to run advanced multi-level workflows and return highly detailed and accurate replies.

Bring your own API – Using your own OpenAI API you won’t pay a markup, and you are free to enjoy the true power of AI.

Scrape the internet – Use Google search results to enrich the data, and receive results that are up to 90% more accurate than ChatGPT.

Define up to 5 goals – Human-like workflows usually don’t have single goals’, but with AGI mind X you can set up to 5 goals for your workflow, and users can use the maximum for single research.

Automate 10 hours of work – That’s it. Set up a workflow in less than 60 seconds, and use an AI agent on your behalf to complete advanced research, extract valuable insights, define steps, or receive extremely accurate replies.

Unlock the full potential of AI

Advanced research for precise results – No more fine-tuning in ChatGPT. With AGI mind X, you set and forget; the AI will prompt itself to reach the goals you defined, and won’t stop until it returns the best result to your initial requests.

Unlimited use cases – A flexible solution to accommodate even the most advanced needs. AGI Mind X looks for information on your behalf, uses the most advanced AI models, and returns detailed and accurate results.

New AI models, multiple agents, local files… Our mission is to constantly improve the platform, in order to offer you the most advanced AI-powered workflows. We are going to introduce advanced AI model support, multiple agents, file analysis, and much more.

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