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Book clients and leads with enterprise-level ease

About Amelia

In high school, being popular meant getting invited to the coolest parties. (Our invites always got lost in someone else’s locker, lol.)

But in business, it means that your appointments and events book so quickly, you can’t keep up.

Meet Amelia.

Amelia is WordPress’s fully automated appointment and event booking specialist that works for you, even while you sleep.

Get clients and leads with this enterprise-level appointment booking

When you’re the hottest ticket in town, keeping track of your bookings can get in the way of your workflow.

Amelia works around the clock to help customers choose the perfect service or event and manage their payments.

Plus, she sends real-time text messages to remind customers of appointments and events and alerts employees of any cancellations.

With an automated, enterprise-level booking experience, you’ll see deep changes in your productivity with little change to your work process.

You can keep juggling phone and email inquiries, taking care of payments, and delivering real-time text reminders…

Or you can use one assistant guaranteed to do it all.

Get lifetime access to Amelia today!

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