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Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, videos, music and games

About BitMar

Isn’t it tiring to switch apps from Spotify to YouTube to Netflix to HBO and all other programs so you can enjoy your favorite media content only to find out it’s not there?

BitMar is the ultimate, all-in-one streaming portal that connects you to millions of movies, TV shows, channels, songs, videos, and more.

It’s an aggregator of music, movies, videos, and shows so it makes it easier for you to find them — and discover new and free content.

You may use BitMar on virtually any device, including tablets, computers, smartphones, smart TVs, smart displays, streaming boxes/sticks, gaming consoles, and more.

The BitMar Elite interface is completely ad-free! (Some channels and content providers may run ads on some of their content, but most content on BitMar is also ad-free.)

Get lifetime access to BitMar!

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