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ERP & cloud-based software solutions

About Biznave

Biznave is a 7-In-One cloud-based software suite and ERP Solution that offers seven powerful tools to help businesses manage their operations more efficiently.

CRM, project management, HRM, accounting, point of sale, analytics, and SEO optimization.

It is an all-in-one solution that can save businesses time, streamline their processes, and help them make informed decisions.

Project Management

You can manage and filter each project available in Kanban and List view again.
Get an overview of Project Status, Expenses, Budget, and Due Date to manage projects.
Add or Remove the users and check tasks completed by them.


Grow your business on autopilot, with a business management tool that does all the “growing” for you. Stay up-to-date and keep track of time, finances, leads, and more! – in a single tool!


Employee Management: Through a detailed HR section, you can manage Attendance, Bulk Attendance, Holidays, Leaves, Meetings, Assets, Documents, and Company Policies.
Create, Edit, and Filter as per your convenience.


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