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Get book reviews to succeed as an amazon KDP author

About BookMuffin

It’s no secret that getting book reviews is one of the most difficult tasks an author can face.

With so many books being published every day, it’s hard to make your voice heard above the noise. And if you’re trying to get reviews from Amazon, it can seem downright impossible.

But don’t give up hope!

There is a new website called BookMuffin that can help you get the reviews you need in order to succeed as an author.

Get Setup Quickly

Getting started couldn’t get any easier. You can quickly add your books and start getting reviewed. Boosting your KDP books’ searchability and ranking doesn’t have to be a waiting game.

Get reviews before you consider running any ad campaigns and wasting your money.

Find Readers Easily

Support fellow KDP authors and find readers for your books along the way. You provide a reader copy so they don’t have to buy your books.

Rack up Reviews Fast

BookMuffin helps you find an audience and reviewers for your KDP book, even if you just launched it.

We email you when readers start reading your book and when they post their reviews. You can then fast-track your income as a KDP author.

Backed by Amazing Support

Have any questions about adding books or getting reviews? Our tech support is a KDP author, here to help you.

Get lifetime access to BookMuffin today!

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