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Make sure your documents are protected

About Certyfile

Certyfile is the most advanced platform to protect and certify your essential documents with the most innovative Blockchain technology.

Register your relevant documents and business secrets easily, quickly, and cheaply before sharing them: NDAs, collaboration agreements, manufacturing procedures, algorithms, and more!

All types of businesses and sectors benefit from Blockchain technology thanks to this tool: eCommerce, Legaltech, startups, SaaS, digital training, design and architecture studios, consultancies, agencies, etc.

Make sure your documents are protected

Join the more than 2,000 clients who already use Certyfile, and take your project to the next level with the most innovative technology.

It is an online digital notary service with which you can register all your relevant documents to keep them under business secret through blockchain technology. And all this in the form simple and very cheap.

  • Full legal compliance
  • Guaranteed by cryptography
  • Low cost
  • Ultimate security
  • Private and immutable data
  • Digital evidence

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